Hours of Operation

Monday:  5 AM -  9 PM
Tuesday: 5 AM -  9 PM
Wednesday: 5 AM -  9 PM
Thursday 5 AM -  9 PM
Friday: 5 AM -  8 PM
Saturday: 6:30AM -  5 PM
Sunday: 7:30AM -  4 PM






6:00 AM —  7:00 AM
9:30 AM —10:30 AM
6:30 PM —  7:00 PM
:00 PM —  7:30 PM

Super Monday w/ Nadine PPC*
Total Body w/ Nadine
SPIN w/ Jane
Body Sculpt w/ Jane


5:50 AM --- 6:35 AM
8:15 AM --- 9:15 AM 
 6:15 PM -- 7:15 PM
:30 PM — 8:30 PM

SPIN w/ Nadine
Zumba w/ Flo
Total Body H.I.I.T. w/Mark
Yoga w/ Dana


6:00 AM — 7:00 AM
8:30 AM --  9:30 AM

6:30 PM — 7:00 PM
:00 PM — 7:30 PM

Super Wednesday w/ Nadine PPC*
Yoga w/ Lacy

SPIN w/ Jane
Body Sculpt w/ Jane


 5:50 AM — 6:35 AM
 8:15 AM -- 9:15 AM

 9:30 AM --10:30 PM
 6:30 PM --  7:30 PM

SPIN w/ Nadine
Zumba TONE w/ Flo

Total Body w/ Nadine
Total Body Fit w/Jane


6:00 AM —  7:00 AM
:15 AM —  9:15 AM

Super Friday w/ Nadine PPC*
Zumba  w/ Jeannette


6:50 AM —  7:35 AM
8:00 AM —  9:00 AM
:45 AM —10:15 AM

Spin w/ Nadine
Super Saturday w/ Nadine PPC*
Boxing w
/ Mike PPC*


7:45 AM — 8:45 AM
8:45AM ---  9:45 AM

Super Sunday w/ Nadine PPC*
Zumba w/ AnnaMaria

PPC* Pay Per Class

Class Descriptions

A high energy upbeat class done on a stationary bike. Enjoy great music in a fun group setting. This is a class for all levels. Some classes may include hand weights for a more toning aspect in the upper body.

Total Body
A full body workout to help increase the metabolism and tone those hard to tone areas. This class has the benefits of a personal trainer in a group setting. Enjoy the total body feeling of feeling great and looking great.

Cross Fusion
This boot camp style class combines some the movements of cross fit as you go from one station to the next. Enjoy the heart pounding, muscle burning feeling you get from this high energy total body class

Cutting Edge
This class is martial arts meets the gym. In this class you will discover your inner chi all the while enjoying this total body workout. Improve your balance, stamina and muscle tone in this fat burning class.

Strength and Stretch
The name tells the story. Gain flexible and improve muscle endurance all the while you listen to great music as you tone up and increase your metabolism.

Body Sculpt
A low impact class that is easy to follow. This class uses everything from lighter dumbbells, exercise bands, stability balls to your body weight. The total body feeling you get from this all level class is second to none. This class is ideal for someone wanting strength toning in a group class setting.

Dance Fit
A high-energy, cardio dance workout for all levels! No dance experience necessary. It’s all here in a fun, easy-to-follow format designed to give you a great full-body workout and leave you feeling energized and inspired.

This hatha based yoga style is designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones. Gain a deeper sense of being as you feel free in the mind and body. Enjoy a sense of relaxing as you exercise to better wellness.

**Super Classes
These special super classes are taught by master trainer Nadine. These small group classes are a great way to hire a personal trainer at a discount price. Nadine’s classes are stuff of legend. Learn proper form as you take your body to new levels. These small group classes offer everything private training offers in a group setting.  Great class for all levels. Learn as you exercise your way to a new you.