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Dear, Rob

As a 61 year old RN, I have spent my career caring for and teaching my patients how to manage their health issues through diet and exercise.  I am also the mother of three and always tried to provide healthy meals for my family.  I would say I know a lot on the subject. However, I managed to gain weight in spite of following my own advice.

I enjoy exercise and actually couldn’t understand how I could GAIN weight while taking five-mile brisk walks and spin classes 4-5 times a week and following a healthy diet.  I thought I had the right plan.  I blamed my weight gain on age and hormones – a very depressing thought.

Since taking part in Rob’s Transformation program, I have lost 10 pounds and find myself at a fitness level I have not known since I was in my thirties.  I have developed muscle tone, definition and strength.  My husband and I are doing the program together and we think that makes it even more successful.

I would have to say that the “Magic Pill” everyone is looking for is Rob’s Program.  It is based on eating very healthy food and less time consuming exercise than I had been doing.  It is, as my husband says, “very sustainable”.  The program has definitely changed my thinking about food and exercise.

I also learned something else while going through this Transformation.  I learned that my son, Rob Knox, is really good at what he does.  I am very proud of him and grateful to him for teaching his Mom a few things she thought she already knew.

Thank you Rob!

Carroll Noble