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Today is my birthday, and I haven’t felt in this good shape since 1985. On Dec. 21th, 1985, I fell on the ice and landed directly on the base of my spine, cracking the L-4 vertebrae. Prior to that I was a runner doing 3-5 miles a day and 13 on weekends and after a year of therapy I came to Navesink Fitness. Mike set me with my basic program, and having back problems himself, put me somewhat at ease about their gym. As I watched what was going on there, after several months I decided to join Rob’s 10 Week Body Transformation program. I was very nervous that Rob was going to set me up in a program for athletes, heavy lifters and bodybuilders, and put me on a starvation diet. At my first workout with Rob , he looked at what I was doing, said that it was great job, and started change things. First, he dropped all of the weights I was lifting in half. Then he started me on a new meal plan. I looked at it and thought to myself that this guy is crazy! Eating 6 meals a day I will blow up to over 300lbs in like a week! But I went along with what he was showing me and started to see results in the 1st two weeks! I wasn’t killing myself and I wasn’t starving. Things actually got easier. With the guidance from Rob, I was lifting more and smarter.  My food intake was fine. My wife helped a great deal with the meal plan and even lost weight as well. The bottom line is that my back has not felt this good in 27 years. My weight starting the program was 240. Today I weighed 198!! I would recommend this program to anyone, no matter what their condition is. The fact that Rob and the whole gym staff works with the individual and not as a group changed everything for me. Today I can go and lift a 45 lb. weight and wonder how I got around carrying that much extra on my body. The program was a hard sell for me. But now I kick myself for waiting this long. And I will most likely do it again this fall!

Dan Shea