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A member since 2004, Bill Lewis, said he always bounced back and forth from healthy to unhealthy and that sometimes he would be in good shape but never in amazing shape. “I started talking with Rob and he had mentioned that he was doing a body transformation contest,” said Bill. “I knew it was what I needed. I was out of shape, and although I was at the gym all the time I really wasn't making any noticeable gains or fat loss. The contest changed all that.”

“What I really wanted from the contest was to get lean and build muscle at the same time,” said Bill. “That’s a tall order for a personal trainer. So I talked with Rob and told him the things I wanted to accomplish, and to be honest, I didn’t really think it was possible, but I set the bar high and knew I was going to take an aggressive approach to both the contest and getting into shape. Right off the bat, I learned the way I was previously lifting was incorrect and that I needed to engage more muscle. Throughout the contest, I learned what worked and what didn’t, and the practical applications to diet and exercise. I could visibly see the changes in my body and how it worked, which was something that really kept me going.”

”One of the biggest factors in the whole contest was that Rob is such a great trainer. Here guys are flying in from Georgia, or driving down from Boston, and all over the country to work with him for a few hours, and I have this amazing resource down the street. As the contest progressed, I started to lose a ton of body fat and still gain some muscle which I thought was impossible. Once I started to see results, I just got more motivated. The experience I had was amazing throughout the entire 10 weeks, even when the diet or workout was challenging me, and now I hope to compete in fitness model shows in the future.”

Rob Knox: Bill was great to work with. Very motivated and willing to unlearn all the bad information and down-right lies he had heard over the years. Some of his first questions were about supplements. He fought me on that one, but I showed him pictures of guys and girls I trained for bodybuilding and fitness contest around the country and told them none of them used supplements, diet pills and of course, anything illegal. They used maybe a little protein power, but knew real foods works the best. Cardio was another story. He thought he would be doing hours of it. Bill did about 20-30 minutes of cardio 3 x week through most of the contest. Bill did maybe a little more the last 2 weeks but nothing crazy. After he saw some pictures and met a few guys I train on-line at www.cathysavagefitness.com, he was sold. As you can see, when someone balances out their fitness lifestyle with there normal lifestyle major changes happen and happen fast. And yes Bill, you certainly can build lean muscle and lose body fat at the same time.