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Dear Rob,

I did the transformation challenge as a wedding gift to myself.  I had a great, fun and challenging experience.  I did get to learn more about all the machines and exercises that I was not really doing right.  I learned how to eat better by getting rid of the junk food, but I never strained myself where I took away my wine and other foods that I enjoy. 


Without taking everything away I still won my goal of  loosing inches around my stomach.  I was not going to buy new pants because I have so  many of them and besides buying them I also have to get them hemmed. I am somewhat short and I always have to pay double for pants so I chose the goal of loosing my tummy. 


I am so proud of myself and my personal trainer Jane for kicking my butt into my wedding shape.   I would also like to thank Mike, Rob and Navesink Fitness for having this challenge and helping me with my impossible diet. 


Like I said I would recommend this challenge to anyone and believe me you do not have to take everything you love away. Just pick a goal and you will get there. I did and I am so proud of myself.


Thank you everyone!


With Love,


Tiffani (the bride)